Dear Friends,

Grace and peace to you during this blessed season!

I am in a continual state of awe as I watch our school and parish families in action for the Lord.  The last few weeks have been nothing short of miraculous as together we have ministered to each other through sharing prayer, kind words, candy, coats, Thanksgiving dinners and more.  How blessed we are to be members of the family of God here at Saint Ambrose!   

This year we instituted the “Angels Make a Difference” program as a way of affirming students and others for sharing the Fruits of the Holy Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. We congratulate and thank the following students for allowing the Holy Spirit to work in their minds and hearts during the first quarter of the school year.


  • Examples of Kindness: Josh, Marie-Angelina;

Grade One

  • Examples of Kindness & Goodness: Evan, Mikaela, Abigail, Annalise, Liam;
  • Examples of Kindness, Patience, Self-Control & Goodness:  Alex, Ryan;
  • Examples of Kindness, Patience & Self-Control: Mia, Alissa;

Grade Two

  • Examples of Kindness: Gavin, John, Sarah, Antonio;

Grade Three

  • Examples of Kindness: Aiden, Brady, Matthew, Ashley;
  • Examples of Faithfulness: Isabel;
  • Examples of Peace: Jacob R.;
  • Examples of Patience: Jacob B.;

Grade Four

  • Examples of Christian Leadership: Michael, Nica, Christian;
  • Examples of Kindness:  Christian, Connor;

Grade Five

  • Examples of Kindness: Lily, Bryce, Ben, Madeline, Isabella, Ruth, Jase, Christopher, Katie, Peyton, Tana, Tyler, Aaliyah, Michael, Andy, Madison, Maddie, April, Jack;

Grade Six

  • Examples of Kindness: Danny, Alyssa, Alex, Emma, Ellie, Taylor, Michael, Jacob, Alaina, Tyler;
  • Examples of Kindness & Charity: Ryan, Michael;
  •  Examples of Self-Control: Rebecca, Dylan, Matt, Christian, Jacob, Nate, Tyler, Ryan;

Grade Seven

  • Examples of Kindness & Charity:  Jenna;
  • Examples of Kindness: Magdalaina;

Grade Eight

  • Examples of Kindness:  Ryan, AnneMariel, Jason, Brooke, Morgan, Leah, Gianna, Aiden;
  • Examples of Goodness: Sam, Gianna;
  • Examples of Kindness & Goodness: Jason; 
  • Examples of Kindness & Charity: Bilal