Saint Ambrose sent two FIRST LEGO League Jr. teams to the Kenston EXPO in Chagrin Falls this weekend! Students had a great experience and are excited to do it again next year! The purpose of the challenge was to include at least 1 robot while using a bee with another animal in the habitat. Students were supposed to research about bees and the other animal in the habitat. Both of our teams included 2 robots within their habitats!

Judges commented on the following:

  • Great teamwork and presentations!
  • Excellent research!
  • Loved how they used the scientific model and included a solution (most schools did not do this)!
  • It was also conveyed that Saint Ambrose School did the BEST JOB matching the animal to the bee in the habitat! They also loved how students chose to protect the hive.

The LEGO Angels (Emma T., Isaac T., Paul S., and Luke S.) won the Journey Award!

The Climate Coders (Ben D., Leo S., and Steve S.) won the Robust Design Award!


Computer Science students this week worked on testing, Invention Convention prototyping, and structured code!

Invention Convention judging takes place in our computer science classrooms next week!