Students participated in a robotics makerspace where they were tasked with building physical activity robot devices using LEGO WeDO and Scratch, that help you learn at the same time! This makerspace was configured due to the collaborative research conducted by Mrs. Parente, Mr. Gasparro, Mrs. Schlueter, and Dr. Stephen Spencer (STEM Accelerated Coding Institutional Research & Educational Studies Director).

Learning with physical activity research results showed a 95% confidence level of statistical significance within Mrs. Parente’s class when she had her students get active while kicking chair bands and learning at the same time! The research in Mr. Gasparro’s class did not show a significant result in memory as students had blocks of learning and blocks of physical activity. However, Dr. Spencer urged that research continue within Mr. Gasparro’s class, where the data could, over a longer period of time, conclude a statistical significant result. Therefore, more research is needed to make a solid conclusion on learning with physical activity for separate blocks of learning and blocks of physical activity.

Overall, the learning with physical activity research has shown us that kids learn best while being active at the same time! I wonder if Mrs. Parente has extra exercise bands for all of our students’ chairs?!?!