CCP (College Credit Plus) Testing

Several of our 6th and 7th graders took the placement tests for Stark State College this week in the DLL! During the 2017/2018 school year, College Credit Plus is being offering in our computer science classes! Programming and geospatial courses will be available for CCP.


Corporate Preschool Apps

Our HSP students continued designing corporate apps for our Littlest Angels Preschool by using MIT App Inventor during our computer science class! Thank you to Mrs. Morgan’s Broadcast Club for creating the voiceovers for the number and alphabet recognition functionality. Students also attended the QA Software Testing center to learn how to use UFT (Unified Functional Tester) automation tools, involving visual basic programming. They were able to test a website form by creating a script that included parameters, then they tested their generated code.


Music & Plants Research Project

The Music & Plants Research Project was a collaborative effort with the Coding Team, Littlest Angels Preschool, Mrs. Takacs, Ms. Friedman, Mrs. Cinadr, and Dr. Stephen Spencer! 5th grade students performed imagery analysis by using plant pictures that were taken of a control (plants exposed to a woman’s voice and quiet room) and variable (plants exposed to 5th and 6th graders singing). Students measured plant growth using coding!

The results conveyed that plants grow faster while being exposed to St. Ambrose students singing!

Special thanks to Boyerts in Medina and Gales Garden Center in Brunswick for their kind donation of seeds and supplies!

Daily Prayer App Development

The Daily Prayer App was a collaborative project with Mrs. Antonius and the Coding Team. 4th grade students learned how to use AppSheet and developed a Daily Prayer App! Students learned about table structure and using datasheets to create a cross platform app. They are able to access their prayers to read on a daily basis!


Weather Collaborative Project

The Weather Collaborative Project effort included Mrs. Kubas, Mrs. Shreve, and the Coding Team. Students applied what they learned during class about the weather and developed a Scratch project using specific coding logic criteria.


Bees Robotics Project

The Bees Robotics Project was a collaborative effort with the Coding Team, Mrs. Kinley, Mrs. McCarthy-Reed, and Mrs. Whitmer! 1st grade students applied what they learned about bees in class to develop bee robots that could help pollinate plants in the future!

Rainbow Project

The Rainbow Project was a collaborative effort between the Coding Team, Mrs. Kautzman, and Mrs. Gove! Students applied what they learned about rainbows in class and developed a Scratch program.