The Homeless Project

Special guest, Mr. Ed Plaspohl, visited our computer science class this week. He collected cards of encouragement for the homeless that were created in art class. He also transported the “life blankets” that were constructed this year within our computer science makerspace product development phases. The Labre Homeless Mission distributed the SAS life blankets and cards this week. They help around 200 homeless people each week that live under bridges and in safe havens.

SAS Life Blankets


SAS life blankets are special because the materials and products were tested to show that body heat consistently keeps the blankets warm to 60 to 70 degrees! These blankets could help save a life in cold weather.

The Shroud of Turin

8th grade students coded with imagery analysis using The Shroud of Turin! They learned more about crucifixion and the crown of thorns according to Dr. Pierre Barbet’s book, “A Doctor at Calvary”. Students also watched a documentary on The Shroud of Turin that used 3D modelling to construct what Jesus looked like from the image of the Shroud. They coded to detect blood data by using internal sensors that measured wounds or collected pixel colors to strengthen the sacrifice from Jesus.

Geospatial Stations of the Cross

2nd – 7th graders used ArcGIS to develop maps for the geospatial Stations of the Cross project. Students created points according to churches and the Via Dolorosa, then measured the distance between points. They researched Golgotha imagery online and they took the Google Map tour of the Via Dolorosa.

Kindergarten – 1st graders created Holy Week Scratch projects according to coding requirements.