Saint Ambrose School Faculty Directory

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Our Parish Pastor and Parochial Vicars

Father Robert Stec, Pastor
Father Robert Ramser, Parochial Vicar
Father Adam Zajac, Parochial Vicar


Mrs. Lisa Cinadr, Principal
Mr. Chris Dziedzicki, Assistant Principal
John Krupinsky, School Programs Consultant
Mr. Angelo Gasparro, Dean of Discipline & P.E. & Health (K-8)
Mrs. Maryellen Newrones, School Administrative Office Assistant
Mrs. Colleen Bremmer, Secretary


Mrs.Catherine Mitchell, Preschool Director, Teacher
Mrs. Melissa Yarmesch, Preschool Teacher
Mrs. Sherri Petrigac, Preschool Teacher
Mrs. Kris Mick, Preschool Instructional Aide
Mrs. Becky Nettles, Preschool Instructional Aide
Mrs. Erica Horman, Preschool Instructional Aide

Kindergarten – Grade 3

Mrs. Susan Kautzman, Kindergarten, LL 1
Mrs. Stacey Gove, Kindergarten, LL 2
Mrs. Teresa Whitmer, Grade 1, Room 101
Mrs. Joyce McCarthy-Reed, Grade 1, Room 102
Mrs. Nicole Shreve, Grade 2, Room 103
Mrs. Cheryl Kubas, Grade 2, Room 108
Miss Sarah Gati, 2nd Grade Long-Term Substitute
Mrs. Chelsea Koval, Grade 3, Room 104
Ms. Stefani Graber, Grade 3, Room 107

The Bridge: Grade 4 and 5

Mrs. Susan Zambo, The Bridge, Room 105
Mrs. Wendy Parente, The Bridge, Room 106
Ms. Rachel Sekerak, The Bridge, Room 205
Mrs. Missy Stern, The Bridge, Room 206

High School Prep

Mrs. Allison Noga,, HSP, Room 201
Mrs. Laurie Hamzik,
HSP, Room 202
Mr. Chris Dziedzicki, HSP,
Room 203
Ms. Patricia Kadlec
, HSP & Campus Minister, Room 204
Mr. Chris Mullen, HSP, Math, Room 207
Mr. Samuel LaGuardia, HSP, Room 208


Mr. Joshua Wortman, Music & Band
Mrs. Maria Paulina Velez-Girard, Spanish
Mrs. Julia Kinley, Visual Arts (K-8)
Mrs. Amy Morgan, Director of Technology
Mrs. Robin Randall, Media Specialist
Lori Schlueter, Computer Science
Mrs. Vicki Stracensky, Guardian Angels Coordinator

Intervention Teachers

Mrs. Wendy Andrew, Reading Tutor (BCS)
Mrs. Jane Bopple, Speech & Language (PSI)
Mrs. Irene Hess, Auxiliary Services Clerk (BCS)
Mrs. Melissa Krisinski, LD and Intervention Tutor (BCS)
Mrs. Julie Takacs, Gifted Enrichment (BCS)
Mrs. Laura VanDrei, Psychology Staff (PSI)

Instructional Aide

Mrs. Rachel Buttitta, Instructional Aide
Mrs. Gayle Exton, Instructional Aide
Mrs. Marlene Gati, Instructional Aide
Mrs. Dawn Hill, Instructional Aide
Mrs. April Kacinari, Instructional Aide
Mrs. Rebecca Scheutzow, Instructional Aide
Mrs. Jill Zimmerman, Instructional Aide

Institutional Advancement

Mrs. Breanne Logue, Director, Institutional Advancement
Mrs. Kelley Marvin, Recruitment
Mrs. Michelle Brousek, Marketing