High School Prep

More so than any other grade level, we believe the High School Prep experience is fundamental to the long-term success of Saint Ambrose School students.

Beginning in 6th Grade, High School Prep completes your child’s Saint Ambrose School education by methodically equipping them with the final intellectual and emotional tools, strength of character, and varied life skills they will need to thrive as both a high school student and human being.

In fact, our mission in High School Prep is to empower independent thinking through personal accountability, embracing the uniqueness of self and others, dynamic communication, Christian values rooted in Catholic tradition, daily work ethic, and a healthy competitiveness, both in and out of the classroom.

Beyond very challenging academics across a variety of core courses like Science and Algebra and diverse electives like Public Speaking and Economics, High School Prep provides an integrated Service Learning Program, further enhancing and maturing students’ social awareness. High School Prep also affords students mentoring opportunities monitored and managed by faculty and staff, where they can develop and practice positive leadership traits while guiding Saint Ambrose School students in lower grades.

Finally, all 6-8th grade students will engage in one to one (1:1) technology as part of our enhanced High School Prep Program.

Each student will have individualized and consistent access to a Chromebook- an ultra light laptop- to use during their daily instruction.  Also, we are continuing our commitment to a strong Fine Arts program, which includes graphic arts, performing arts and more.  These engaging, hands-on learning experiences allow students an outlet to creativity and growth.  Our team of experienced High School Prep teachers has very high and very clear expectations for each student and we want to list these expectations one-by-one so that parents can determine for themselves whether these characteristics and attributes are valuable to them.

At the conclusion of 8th Grade, your son or daughter will be:

  • Thinking independently.
  • Leveraging their sturdy academic fundamentals to catapult their learning in new directions, based on personal needs and interests.
  • Taking leadership roles in their extracurricular and community activities.
  • Motivating themselves to set and achieve goals.
  • Embracing their role as a disciple in the Catholic Church.
  • Developing collaborative relationships with their peers, teachers and the world around them.
  • Practicing and refining the study habits and learning behaviors necessary to succeed in the high school of their choice.



HSP Faculty

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