This Week in Physical Education, Grades 5-8 will be playing a round of golf in the indoor simulated Saint Ambrose Golf course. Over the past few weeks we have worked on driving, chipping and putting. This week they put it all together in 1 lesson. They will drive from one end and their next shot will  based on how well they hit they first shot. There is also a makeshift green and the students will able to score bogey, pars and birdies. The 7th grade did this lesson last week and we even had a few birdies.

Grade K-4 will be working on catching and throwing for the next few weeks. We will play garbage collector, one of the kids favorite activities. This game works on all aspects of throwing and catching, while keeping the kids extremely active and getting in loads of steps. we will also begin to use the new pedometers I received over the summer this week and I will be tracking the amount of steps that the kids get in Physical Education. I want to make sure all kids are getting similar amounts of activity and identify the kids that are not as active.