The students in grades 3-8 will continue with their volleyball unit.  The students at Saint Ambrose, more than any other school that I have been at, really take to volleyball. Both boys and girls seem to really enjoy it and work hard to understand the game and improve. Volleyball is not a sport that I grew up playing, so I really rely on the experienced players to help out with certain things. They are always interested in helping. The less experienced kids also tend to learn more from their peers. We do modify the games a bit to get more action, such as 1 bounce  and throwing the serve. This keeps the ball going longer and adds to the learning experience.

Students in grades K-2 will continue with throwing and catching. I have a activity called cone ball where teams must protect a tennis ball sitting on top of a cone, while other teams try to throw balls at the cone to knock the tennis ball down. This game really focuses on throwing while keeping their activity levels high.