Our Partners in Education…Become One Today!

Our Partners in Education…Become One Today! 2017-02-01T16:16:54+00:00

Become A STEM Partner!

There are many ways to get involved as a partner of Saint Ambrose School.

We are in a very exciting position leading the way in innovative thinking, 21st century learning, problem based learning and hands on experiences!  We have a diverse group of partners helping to drive us forward which include businesses, higher education and government.

Core STEM Identity Statement:  

“Saint Ambrose School educators and students are innovative leaders using their faith, skills, talents, and knowledge to solve humanitarian and technological issues affecting our world.”

Some examples of ways to partner  with Saint Ambrose School include:

  • Internships and Career Exploration.
  • Workshops, guest speakers, and field trips.
  • Problem solving opportunities for our students.
  • Professional Development and curriculum enrichment.
  • Resources-including, space, materials, and financial donations.
  • In Kind donations of time and talents and collaboration.

Please contact Institutional Advancement office at 330-460-7318 or email blogue@StASchool.us to find out more information on becoming a STEM partner for Saint Ambrose School.