Mr. Samuel LaGuardia

Mr. Samuel LaGuardia

Seventh-Grade Homeroom

M.A. Teaching and Curriculum
B.A Creative Writing, B.A. Political Science

I am a native of Northeast Ohio, an avid writer, and big fan of Cleveland sports. I am also a past football player for the Saint Ambrose Angels in junior high. I have taught and/or tutored students since I was 18 years old, and love it most when a class works together to provide their best effort. Incorporating strong faith and the arts in my classes are two goals I strive for every day. I am excited to support students in any way I can, and look forward to getting students prepared for high school, college and their career of choice at Saint Ambrose!

I engage students by providing interesting connections, positive risks, imaginative activities, sensory experiences, challenges to their perceptions, and active engagement strategies in the English/Language Arts classroom. I am excited to be a part of SAS because of the bright minds and positive attitudes of the students, as well as because of the parents’ and faculty’s engagement in the Catholic faith, its morals and its traditions.

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