Benefits of a Saint Ambrose School Education

‘Prep’ for More than Just High School.

Further building on the Christian values, academic fundamentals, and self-confidence your son or daughter began acquiring in Littlest Angels Preschool and Elementary School, Saint Ambrose High School Prep completes your 6th, 7th or 8th grader’s primary education by methodically equipping them with the final intellectual and emotional tools, strength of character, and varied life skills they will need to thrive as both a high school student and a human being.

Experience a First Class Education on a Middle Class Budget.

Saint Ambrose School consistently delivers a First Class education that transcends the modest budgets of many of our hard-working families, engaging and inspiring children of nearly all abilities through passionate teachers who make learning come alive (ever conduct a velocity experiment in the hallway of your school); through dizzyingly diverse extracurricular clubs and activities (how many schools have a student-run broadcasting studio); and through life-altering community service projects that can touch people and families from neighborhoods in Brunswick to villages in Haiti.

Become a Better You.

Beyond teaching Math, Science, Language Arts and other core curricula offered by just about every accredited school in Ohio, Saint Ambrose School also deeply instills in every child’s heart a lasting sense of personal empathy  and public service,  so that years from now, when they’ve long forgotten the details of the Pythagorean Theorem, your now-grown child’s words and actions will still echo with the kindness, caring and compassion first introduced to them here on Pearl Road.

Live Your Family’s Values.

We are committed to teaching and reinforcing within your son or daughter the same values by which you are raising them so that when they are inevitably faced with a challenging personal choice, they remember these values – your values, our values – and they embrace them at that defining moment of choice in order to make a better life decision.

Think for Yourself.

Challenging classes, an innovation culture, and teachers who were born to teach combine at Saint Ambrose School to encourage your student to think critically and to ask really big questions, ultimately enabling them to pursue and to acquire new knowledge independently, rather than through rote memorization or mindless repetition.

Master New Technologies.

Our teachers creatively utilize some of the most contemporary technologies available, furnishing your child with the everyday, hands-on experience to not only explore and eventually master these digital tools and resources, but to also recognize technology for what it is – a means to an end, but never an end in itself.

Create Lasting Memories.

Something extraordinary occurs at Saint Ambrose School – in the proud smiles of our teachers when a student achieves beyond their own expectations; in the lifelong friendships parents develop with one another; in the voice of a mother sharing how her Littlest Angels preschooler wants to say a prayer before dinner each evening – and this feeling reminds you that you really are part of something truly special here…and you always will be.