Parent Teacher Union (PTU)

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Parent Teacher Union (PTU)

sas_ptu-finalWelcome to Saint Ambrose PTU!  The PTU serves the school, teachers, students, and administration by:

  • Providing social opportunities to strengthen our school community
  • Providing financial support to the school by planning and implementing fundraising activities, keeping tuition one of the lowest in the Diocese
  • Contributing to the school’s continual advancement through active family support

Our school is blessed to have dedicated parents, faculty, staff and parishioners who share their time, talent, and treasure to create an educational environment in which our students continue to grow spiritually and academically.  Saint Ambrose PTU is guided by our Catholic faith to serve others and, in doing so, we set a positive example of service for our children.

We welcome and encourage your active participation throughout the year!

Our Mission

The purpose of this organization is to bring into closer relationship the parents and teachers of this school that they may cooperate intelligently and respectfully in promoting the spiritual and temporal welfare of the children of Saint Ambrose School.

PTU Membership

Every parent of a Saint Ambrose student is automatically considered a member of PTU.  All are invited to attend meetings and share ideas.

Please download our Membership form below!

PTU Membership Form

PTU Leadership Team 2017-2018

If you have any questions regarding any PTU related activity or would like more information about volunteering, please contact:

Lisa Cinadr, Principal
Father Bob Stec, Pastor 


Carrie Ruggiero, President

Natalie Tamosiunas, First Vice President

Michelle Brousek, Second Vice-President

Diane Eichman, Treasurer

Amy Gaal, Treasurer

Jennifer Keller, Secretary

Stacy Gove, Teacher Liason


Tracy Begley, Communications Coordinator

Christie Dean, Social Media Coordinator

Julie Lynch, Marketing Coordinator

Stacy Kyle, Co-Membership Coordinator

Angela Rebish, Co-Membership Coordinator

Katie-Rose Anderson, Co-Room Parent Coordinator

Lisa Homady, Co-Room Parent Coordinator

Jennifer Colbert, Member-at-large

Jaime Contrera, Member-at-large

Kelley Marvin, Member-at-large

Sarah Sepesy, Member-at-large

Andrea Wilson, Member-at-large

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