SAS Hot Lunch Program

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Frequently Asked Questions:

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The reason for this is because each order needs to be opened and checked for accuracy. If there is a discrepancy in your order, a copy of it along with a note will be sent home.
This will no longer be permitted. All late orders will be returned to the family and will need to be submitted on a daily basis.
The monthly newsletter contains important information. Please keep one on hand especially if you use the daily buy method instead of the monthly ordering method. This form always includes dates that are important such as classroom field trips, days o and dates that the kitchen may not be available. We try to inform you as much as possible but often time’s things are planned after the newsletter has gone out. I try to keep in contact with the teaching sta as much as possible to avoid lunch problems.
Take the credit on the next months order; just specify what the credit is for. Keeping track of your child’s credits are the responsibility of the parents.
I will always verify this with the child’s actual order form. If the child did order a lunch, I will try to have the child take the hot lunch and take the packed lunch home. This is because once the food is made you are no longer able to take a credit for it. If I receive either a note or a phone call in the morning from a parent, I would be happy to honor the credit.
Crackers and a fruit cup will be supplied to them compliments of the PTU. We’ve tried the process of billing families for a lunch that was supplied to their child but many of the requests were ignored. Therefore the Diocese said that too much time was wasted on trying to collect money and that this procedure was no longer working.
Please do not assume that I know that you have a credit. Return the bill with a note stating that you are using up whatever credits you are using.
Although we do encourage the children to eat what they can, we unfortunately see A LOT of food thrown away. Please instruct your children to either bring their unopened food home or to put it on the end of the milk table for others to take. The older kids devour whatever food is left for them!
The Diocese makes up the menus for all the schools that participate in their program. They follow the strict guidelines set up by the government.
Unfortunately no; a new application needs to be filled out and submitted immediately to the cafeteria. Qualification does not start until we receive a written response from the Diocese.
Yes, you do for the month of September ONLY. Unless you have received written notification from the Diocese, a new application MUST be completed. Your benefits run out October 1st at which time, you will be responsible to pay full price for your child’s meals. The sooner you get the applications in, the sooner they get downtown. The only step that I have in this process is to make sure that the applications are filled out properly and to mail them. Everything else is handled through the Diocese.
It is the child’s responsibility to let someone know if they don’t have a lunch. It happens all the time and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. The lunch aides do walk around but don’t always catch the fact that a child does not have a lunch. I will always o er them some form of crackers and a fruit cup. There have been times that a child refused what was o ered to them.
I know exactly how much food I will need to cook from your monthly order sheets that you turn in and by the number of daily buys that I receive from the o ce in the morning. I do bake extra if it’s available. That is why the Daily Buy Procedure is set up and should be followed. If your child continually comes down with money, a note will be sent home. It is also di cult because we do not have a cashier and I have to stop serving to attend to these matters. The Daily Buy Procedure is as follows: The front of an envelope should include Name/grade/room number/meal choice. If a meal choice is not chosen, the child will most likely receive the main item.
I am more than willing to work with you on this one. Just email me at with the meal choices that your child is interested in and I will order the item in to check the ingredients. It is up to the parent to contact me on a monthly basis to check for ingredients in products. Children with milk allergies/concerns will be o ered Lactaid or Soy Milk. It will be up to your child if they want it or not. Juice can no longer be o ered as a substitute for milk. The substitutes o ered must have the same components as milk is order for the meal to be reimbursable by the Government.
The Diocese has come up with a new policy. We are now to keep track of lost, stolen and misused tickets. After the second time that this occurs, a note will be sent to the child and parent notifying them that after the third occurrence during the school year, they will be refused a lunch. This is usually not an issue for us but I must notify all parents of the new guideline.