Dear SAS Family,

This has been the best first week of school for me – ever!  (And I thought last year’s was pretty great.)  🙂
I know it was a great first week for our students, teachers and staff too.  Teachers spent time building community in each classroom, procedures and processes were practiced and in place (and practiced again!), and we celebrated as one huge family today with our Back to School Picnic and Bus Driver Blessing.  Did you notice how the weather cleared to be perfect for our celebrations? Thanks be to God!  Thank you to members of our SAS Safety Team and Brunswick Police Department for being with us today!  Thank you to all of the moms and dads who provided our fun lunch today; we couldn’t do these things for our students without your aid and support!
Just a few of the comments I’ve heard from teachers and staff this week:
– “This week far exceeded my expectations. I love it here!”
– “These are amazing students. What a blessing they are!”
– “I’m having so much fun with my students. They are hard working and awesome!”
– “We love our new laminator.  THANK YOU, PTU!”
– “The upbeat energy and positive vibe in the school are great!”
– “Today was such a wonderful day!”  (This was said every day!)
You can be confident that your children are in the best and safest of care.  Kudos to you, Smart Parents!
Have a wonderful weekend and good grace to all of our SAS athletes.  Looking forward to celebrating Mass together this weekend!
Lisa M. Cinadr