The students had an amazing week of learning, exploration and fun! In social studies, the fourth-graders continued their unit on slavery and the Underground Railroad, and the discussions and questions were quite stellar. Also, as part of a cross-curricular unit in language arts and social studies, the students began their famous Ohioans research project. In the first step of this project, they worked hard to find information from their sources and paraphrase it onto note cards.

The fifth-graders continued to learn about the early European explorers, such as the Vikings and Marco Polo. We also began to study the Renaissance, particularly how the rebirth of ideas, knowledge and technology led to the Age of Exploration. As we continue through this unit, I am excited to engage in thought-provoking discussions and debates.

Finally, the children enjoyed Read Across America Day, as you can see from the pictures! It’s a wonderful time to be a Bridge student! 🙂