Flexible Seating is Standard in First Grade!

Flexible Seating is Standard in First Grade!

Our First Grade teachers are doing exciting things in their classrooms this year with 21st Century flexible seating options. Ms. Whitmer and Mrs. McCarthy-Reed have arranged their classrooms in a variety of seating options with traditional desks playing only a minor role.

Their classrooms are filled with colorful seating options ranging from floor pillows to balls to small rocking chairs, a couch and even chairs with umbrellas. It’s really hard NOT TO SMILE when entering their classrooms.

Both teachers saw this as an opportunity to benefit their students by creating different ways for them to be seated/ stand, have increased movement and engage in the classroom. They have embraced this opportunity. Students come in each and every day and choose their flexible seating for the day. What they are seeing in their students so far is remarkable.

When asked how this has been going and what they are seeing in their students, they had many positive comments:

“It’s exciting to see our students making choices, gaining confidence and choosing what works best for them. I can already see a difference in increased confidence, and gaining it so much quicker in the year. It also provides more movement.” Ms. Whitmer

“We have students consistently taking more responsibility and choosing their ‘smart spots’ (as they call them) by recognizing what works best for them, not where their friends are seated. This creates increased opportunities for confidence and collaboration and teaches the students to plan ahead for the tools they need and make choices where they will work best.” Mrs. McCarthy-Reed

It’s exciting to see our teachers embracing this new seating and the positive leadership, choices, and decision making our students are exhibiting so early. The teachers so far say the experience has been a very positive one, with both continuing to learn along the way. Surprisingly enough, there has not been any fighting over all the different seating options. The students are able to work very well in their new classrooms, quietly and diligently!

This is one more way that our teachers innovate and work hard to provide everything for every 21st Century student every day. It will be exciting to watch as our school continues to transform education for our students’ highest achievement and success!

Many thanks to both Ms. Whitmer and Mrs. McCarthy-Reed for all of their hard work, open-mindedness and success with this 21st Century best practice! If you haven’t had a chance to visit, stop by and see and, you will surely smile!


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