During Physical Education for the primary grades we will be working in juggling with the students. The goal is for all the students to be able to juggle 3 balls with 3 throws without dropping the ball. Juggling helps the students improve their hand/eye coordination. Hand/eye coordination is essential to complete a variety of everyday tasks, as well as compete in a multitude of sports and activities. I will teach them in 3 steps. 1st will be juggling with 1 ball, then 2 and finally 3. Juggling is a skill they can practice at home with very little equipment or space. I am also looking that the students persevere through a difficult task. Juggling is not easy, and some kids 1st response may be be to quit trying after a few failed attempts. We have not progressed to 3 balls as of yet, but I can already tell some kids will be expert jugglers in no time.

The 5-8th grade will continue with their handball unit for the next 2 weeks. The students really love this activity and is always a favorite each year year. While this game uses different skills than other sports, the strategy s similar to games such as soccer and floor hockey. Where students use short quick passes in order to get close to the goal in order to skill. Teamwork is essential as student in this game as the student with the ball is not allowed to run with it.