On Friday, April 12th, the Bridge Team (4th and 5th grade faculty) was excited to welcome Mrs. Rachel Juszczyk from the Medina County Career Center to Saint Ambrose School.  Mrs. Juszczyk presented the Career Game to students during their Social Studies class. This activity allowed the students to gauge their interests and see what type of field they should consider a career in based on their strengths and interest assessment.  Saint Ambrose students really enjoyed having Mrs. Juszczyk visit and the career exploration activities!  Thank you to the Medina County Career Center for your visit and partnership with this project!  The purpose of this activity is to open the students’ minds to other professions they may not have originally planned for themselves.  Mrs. Juszczyk will be returning to Saint Ambrose on April 26th when some of the Seniors from the Career Center will be coming to present information about their vocational programs.  This will provide a wonderful opportunity for our students to hear from their peers on opportunities available in our community!


This career path lesson is part of a series of lessons on the trade jobs that the students in 4th and 5th grade will be focusing on in Social Studies over the next two weeks as part of a larger (Project Based Learning) PBL the Bridge Team is taking part of.  In this PBL, students will be working in conjunction with JL Moore General Contractor to help him solve two “problems”. The one problem is the lack of skilled workers in the construction trade industry. In order to help the students learn more about the trades, Mrs. Thompson has invited parents of students into the classroom to discuss their jobs, training they may have received, and why they chose their career path.  The students will then research construction trade jobs and create job advertisements for JL Moore.  We are very excited about this real life learning opportunity for our students and grateful to our families for helping to provide meaningful information!

Below is a listing of parents coming in and what they will be presenting:

Mrs. Hinchliffe:  Photography

Mrs. Harrington: Real Estate

Mr. Rebish: HVAC

Mr. Niedermyer: HVAC

Mrs. Neff: Pastry Chef

Mr. Fridley: Fire Fighter

Mr. Soprek: Police

Mr. Nettles: Police

Mrs. Camiola: Real Estate

Mr. Camiola: Landscaper