Saint Ambrose Student Ambassadors in Action have had many great opportunities thus far in 2019 to learn, grow, and serve others all while growing stronger in their faith.  We kicked off the start to the new school year with a visit from Miguel Chavez, Associate Vice President for Mission Implementation from Walsh University speaking about a micro financing program for women in Africa.  A GREAT message to begin the new year with is that small things DO matter and every kindness counts.  The Ambassadors helped create bracelets that a group of women in Africa will then sell and use the money to send their own children to college.  Many great and encouraging messages were shared by Mr. Chavez including “Loving your neighbor is the same as loving God”, “You are not too young to do incredible things!”, and “Use your gifts to make a difference”.
In February, the Student Ambassadors hosted the 2nd Annual Valentine’s Student Senior Social.  It was a brisk, cold day outside but inside the conversations were warm and our students’ lights shined as they shared about their school experiences and learned about what school was like for our guests.  Everyone participated in cookie decorating.  The Ambassadors created the most thoughtful messages to attach to the cookies for their teachers, staff, and faculty as well as parish staff.  Cookies were dropped off all over campus for a sweet surprise when teachers and staff came in the next morning.
We were blessed with a great number of guests that came to our campus for March’s meeting.  Mike Meadows who is the President of 1st Day School Supplies and also the Founder of The Meadows Turkey Bowl brought some of his staff, as well as Dawn Kendrick (formerly of Channel 3 News), team members from the Special Olympic Turkey Bowl and Special Olympic Softball Teams, and a very special young mom fighting cancer who was a recipient from this year’s Meadows Turkey Bowl.  The Meadows Turkey Bowl began as a family tradition which raised $680 to an event that has grown over the last 15 years to raise over 2 million dollars and has helped assist dozens of local agencies and families in their fight against cancer.  Dawn Kendrick captures stories around our community of “the good stuff” and she challenged our Ambassadors to “Go and do good and be my next big story!”.  Saint Ambrose Ambassadors are definitely up for that challenge!
We are thankful to all of our guests that come in to share their encouraging and inspiring stories and who are planting the seeds that will cultivate gardens in the minds and hearts of our students and encourage them that we grow closer to Jesus through giving back to others.