Saint Ambrose 4th-8th grade students had a very special visitor today.

Thomas Awiapo, of Catholic Relief Services in Ghana came to speak with our students sharing his life story and testimony of faith.  Students listened intently as Thomas shared his life story which  began as an orphan in Ghana after his parents died from starvation.  He was left alone by his brother when they were begging for food to survive.  He also lost two siblings to starvation. He followed the smell of food to a Catholic Relief Services-sponsored school, where he learned he could eat daily if he went to school.  It worked!  Thomas hated school but he was so hungry and found the teachers to be nice so he walked 10 miles per day to attend school for that “snack of love”.  Thomas finished high school then college and today works for CRS in Ghana.  Today he also encourages kids to attend school by offering “snacks of love” which is literally saving lives.  He is blessed to be married to his wonderful wife and a father of four beautiful children.