Welcome Mrs. Niedermyer

SAS welcomes Mrs. Sheri Niedermyer as our K-5th grade STEAM teacher! Mrs. Niedermyer comes to Saint Ambrose with a plethora of experience in math, technology, and software development including as a math and technology teacher in Maryland and Hawaii, traveling with her husband who has recently retired from the U.S. Navy. Mrs. Niedermyer has worked for Classroom Antics for the past five years.


STEAM K-5 Program

Mrs. Niedermyer meets with all K-5th graders each week and focuses on teaching STEAM through problem-based learning. Her lessons follow a theme each month beginning with Integrity with Technology in September and October. How many have heard their child singing ‘Be careful little eyes what you see?” See link attached. Mrs. Niedermyer is delivering this message to the students each week: “If it’s not right for you then shut it off.”



STEAM Program Brings Project Collaboration Opportunities

Mrs. Niedermyer is collaborating with teachers using their lesson plans and incorporating that content into her curriculum with each grade level. As an example, Mrs. Kubas’ 2nd Grade class is studying spiders. To tie in the spider theme and application, students will be using the STEAM model to explore and learn more about spiders. Mrs. Niedermyer will be teaching the children how to research spiders using the website enchantedlearning.com. She will incorporate engineering and art by having the students create a spider with moving parts.

Mrs. Niedermyer brings a wealth of varied experience with her as well as enthusiasm for our STEAM curriculum, teaching young minds, and a love of sharing God’s Word with others! Welcome, Mrs. Niedermyer! We are blessed to have you here!