Visual Art Update for Monday, Wednesday & Friday May 13,15 & 17th

Preschool: Students experimented with chalking the sidewalks.

Kindergarten, First & Second : Students integrated elements of art and design to solve interdisciplinary problem. They created a painting of tulips using forks to print.

Third: Students learned about the anatomy of an insect of choice. They drew the parts of the insect.

Fourth: Students studied the anatomy of an insect. They drew the body parts and added value to show the transparency of wings etc.

Fifth: Students created a door design for STEAM. They selected contemporary digital tools media arts to investigate ideas and inform artmaking.

Sixth: Students finished their zentangle designs.The students transformed perceptions and processes into two- and three dimensional artworks.

Seventh: Students worked in groups to create a sculpture part of our PBL with Mr. Mullen.

Eighth: Each student utilized their chromebooks to create a design using the program TINKERCAD.