Welcome Spring!!!!!!!!!!!
Visual Art Update for Wednesday and Friday April 9th, 11th, & 13th

Preschool: Students created
Q- tip daisey’s. They recognized and pointed out the basic elements of art in their artworks.

Kindergarten: Students learned how to discover how combinations of primary colors create secondary colors

First: Students experimented with watercolors while created an impression of a wildflower. They learned the technique “foreshortening”.

Second: Students collaborated in groups of two. Each group was provided an art history book of a famous artist. They were asked to provide five facts and later present to the class.

Third: Students utilized their watercolor paints. They were inspired by the artist
Vincent Van Gogh. They created a landscape of waterlilies.

Fourth: Students in Mrs. Zambo’s class worked together to create a banner for the First Responders. They banner stated “Thank You’!
Mrs. Parente’s class generated ideas and employed a variety of strategies to solve visual
problems. They created a drawing of the famous Mona Lisa.

Fifth: Students learned about the artist George Seurat. They created pointillism using their markers.

Sixth, Seventh, Eighth: Students in HSP learned about the artist Escher. They developed Metamorphosis in Art.