Visual Art Update for Wednesday and Friday May 7th, 9th, & 11th

Preschool: Students created animals in a ZOO. This was a cross-curricular exercise.

Kindergarten: Students reduced objects into basic shapes and lines in relation to the whole

First: We identified and discussed what an artist does and found examples of works by artists.

Second, third, and fourth grade: Students had the opportunity to draw outside. They utilized watercolor paints.
Looked for patterns in nature.
• Identify, reproduce, describe, extend, and create simple color, number,
and shape repeating patterns.
•Distinguish between living and nonliving objects.
•Create two-dimensional and three-dimensional artwork using only
natural material

Students learned about careers in art. They created a “Mother’s Day Card”.

HSP: Students learned to view drawing as a contextual, as well as a personal form of expression through the creation and discussion of artwork.