What Saint Ambrose School Means To Me

Written by Ryan O’Donnell, 8th Grade Graduate 2019, Ignatian Scholar, St. Ignatius High School **

“Saint Ambrose School has provided me with the foundation to be a successful public leader throughout my life. They have given me spiritual advice, allowed me to develop strong relationships and build memories that will forever be cherished. Saint Ambrose School has so much to offer, and it is the foundation of my everyday life.

STA has taught me communication, teamwork, and leadership skills throughout my time here. As Student Council President, I am able to lead the whole school into creating ideas innovative programs. Being able to present our work is one of the best parts of the school, and it helps to develop fluency and personal confidence. Also, working with students that need assistance with certain topics gives me a head start as a future leader.

Most importantly, SAS has guided my spiritual life to be what it is now. It has taught me so many things about my faith and has brought me much closer to God. I have been able to attend mass frequently in school so I can receive the ultimate sacrament; the Eucharist. I can talk to any of the priests whenever I need to, and I can get support through prayer and the caring STA staff.

The relationships that I have made at STA are unmatchable and they have helped me through every school year. They have provided me lifelong friendships. We often laugh together, support one another through tough tests and difficult assignments, and cheer each other on during sporting events. The relationships that you make at STA help develop a positive social life filled with fun and laughter.

Saint Ambrose School has made me the person I am today, and I will forever be grateful to have attended there. It has taught me common sense, provided spiritual growth and leadership skills. Saint Ambrose School has given me the passion that I have for my faith and the knowledge to be successful. I am forever blessed for this opportunity.”

-Ryan O’Donnell

**Congratulations to Ryan O’Donnell (SAS Class of 2019) for earning the honor at Saint Ignatius High School of an Ignatian Scholar. These scholars are defined as those students who achieved a 93 or higher on the Admissions Test. Ryan was recognized along with 165 scholars at the Ignatian Scholars Night on January 9, 2019.

Ignatian Scholars are eligible for renewable merit scholarships. Students scoring a 93-96 will receive a $2,000 merit scholarship annually, and students who score a 97-99 on our Entrance Exam will receive a $5,000 merit scholarship annually. Ryan scored a 97% on the test and was honored with a $5,000 renewable scholarship over 4 years ($20,000). CONGRATULATIONS RYAN!!!! We are so proud to share in your success!  We know you will continue to do wonderful things at St. Ignatius this fall!