Happy Birthday Mia DeBarr

It was Mia's Birthday today at school!! She brought in gummies, and we learned how to say Happy Birthday in Manderine. We also learn to count to three in Manderine. Finally, we learned how to be courteous and say thank you and thank you in Manderine!! Happy Birthday:  Shēngrì kuàilè Thank you: Xièxiè Your Welcome: Bù ...

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107 New 2018-2019 Family

Here is the new group of students that call 107 their home for the year! I can't wait to see all the amazing things they learn and have them show everyone all of their God-given talents!  

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Green Screen Fun

Happy Tuesday! Yesterday all of the students took a green screen picture for the first day of school. Today they were able to choose their backgrounds and with my phone mirrored on our amazing Promethean boards, we inserted each student into a picture. Enjoy 

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SAS 2018 Spring School Newsletter-Download Here

The Spring Newsletter is here! What a wonderful spring we have had...so much to be thankful for including Jesus Christ who is EVERYTHING for us! Please click below to download!   Top Stories in the Spring News.... "What Inspires Me?  Students REACH" "Jesus Met Me at Camp Damascus" "What Saint Ambrose Means To Me" -an ...

Happy Birthday Hayden!

Today is Hayden Birthday! We sang to her in Mandarin! Ask the kiddos about the new language we learned today.   Happy Birthday- Shēngrì kuàilè one- Yī two- Èr three- Sān thank you- Xièxiè your welcome- Bù kèqì

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SAS Winter Newsletter 2018

  Our Winter Newsletter is here! SAS18 Newsletter JAN Please follow the link under current families to view and enjoy! Limited print copies available upon request. https://saintambroseschool.us/school-newsletters/    

Happy Birthday Antonio!!

It is Antonio’s Birthday today!! He brought in chips's today, and we learned how to say Happy Birthday in Italian!! buon compleanno-Happy Birthday grazie-thank you prego-your welcome uno-one due-two tre-three

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Playdough STEM Challenge

The students were asked to build a Christmas related Structure. Some students created Christmas trees, others created a manger. They had a lot of fun completing this challenge and worked well in groups.

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