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SAS 2018 Spring School Newsletter-Download Here

The Spring Newsletter is here! What a wonderful spring we have much to be thankful for including Jesus Christ who is EVERYTHING for us! Please click below to download!   Top Stories in the Spring News.... "What Inspires Me?  Students REACH" "Jesus Met Me at Camp Damascus" "What Saint Ambrose Means To Me" -an ...

5th Grade ELA

Students will compare a fixed-mindset vs. a growth-mindset as they relate to characters in the novels Wonder and Fish in a Tree. They will take on challenges that help them become growth-mindset learners. Please watch this video to learn more about what it means to have a growth-mindset.

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4th Grade Religion

Students will continue to become familiar with exploring verses in the Bible. They will each create their own Bible Scavenger Hunt to illustrate God's message of love and hope.

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